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And yes, we found some fake ones


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There are many ways to behave inappropriately at the moment. You could leave the house for an extended period of time, simply because you believe this to be your right. Or invite several maskless people into your home and proceed to lecture them – loudly and similarly maskless – on something of great unimportance. Maybe even go all the way to Dubai. And if you did any of this in a leather mini skirt, it would seem all the more inappropriate – hilariously so.

National lockdown or not, wearing a leather mini skirt always tends to be a statement in itself. We guess it’s a combination of the length and the material. Mini skirts have been causing scandals since the sixties, after all. And whether you enter a room in leather trousers or a leather jacket, people are bound to notice by grace of these garments alone. By this logic, a leather mini skirt would send them into a frenzy – the life-affirming kind, that is.

The main thing to be decided when it comes to leather mini skirts is this: real leather or faux leather. If you don’t subscribe to the consumption of animal products, the choice is simple. And, if it’s cost that’s your concern, that choice also tends to be cheaper. But if you’re a rugged traditionalist, you’ll make the other choice – even in the midst of Veganuary.

Whatever their authenticity, most leather mini skirts are black. This might seem dull until you realise that black leather mini skirts are not without their charming idiosyncrasies. The logo buckle on The Attico’s, for example. Or the streams of – what look like – staples on an Alexander McQueen number. But maybe you just don’t want a black leather mini skirt. And that’s nothing to worry about – they do come in other colours.

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