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A harder decision to make than whether you should bother exercising at all


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Here we are again: a national lockdown. Lockdown 3.0 to be precise. What a rotten way to start 2021. At least you don’t have to honour the commitment you made – mere days ago – to the gym. You didn’t know what form this commitment would take, but you were going to try. Trying is all that can be done in the midst of a global pandemic, after all.

Instead, you’re sitting at home trying to ascertain which fitness tribe you belong to. Needless to say, this is not the January you had envisioned for yourself. But you can still exercise at home. Maybe what’s actually stopping you is a dearth of gym leggings. And yes, you can still wear gym leggings for home workouts. We know an attempted excuse when we see one.

Now, only one decision remains: plain or patterned. Not that it’s likely to be hard. People generally tend to be one or the other (although we’re allowed to be both). To favour plain gym leggings is to spend a lifetime trying to find the perfect pair. If you prefer those of the patterned variety, perfection will never matter – only excitement. And you will accumulate reams of them in pursuit of it.

Of course, we feel compelled to assist the plain brigade in finding the perfect pair. In fact that’s probably why you’re here. If you want gym leggings that are truly plain – but durable and sustainable – Girlfriend Collective are the brand for you. If you can tolerate a modicum of subtle waistband detailing, then you might also enjoy what Victoria Beckham has designed in collaboration with Reebok. Wait, you came here for patterned gym leggings? We see! Well, anything goes in that case – you of all people should know this. We won’t force you to choose between florals, leopard print, iridescence and houndstooth. Just embrace them all equally before the next dose of excitement appears.