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It might be your last chance before there's a second lockdown


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So our nights out are now slightly shorter than they were previously. Fuelled by the fear of a second wave of coronavirus, 10pm is the new midnight. Given that the announcement by the government could have been another lockdown, this seemed comparatively tame – besides, going out hasn’t been the same since the pandemic hit.

Going out – or going out out – means different things to different people. For some, a quiet evening at the pub with a few familiar faces will suffice. Others want a bildungsroman or nothing else. And the rest just want to dance wherever to whatever. But aside from the first option, COVID-19 made a mess of it all. It’s hard for a night out to resemble anything close to a bildungsroman if you’re tethered to table service and forbidden from mingling with anyone outside the five people you arrived with. And clubs just aren’t the same with stringent social distancing measures in place.


All is not lost however. One person out of the five you arrive with might be a perfect stranger. Or you might spend the evening exchanging stolen glances with someone sitting elsewhere in the establishment once you break the seal. Ultimately, there’s always someone to impress on a night out – even if that someone is you. This is why going out dresses are important. They signal that you’ve made an effort and that – just this once – you’re willing the universe to bring all that positive energy back to you tenfold. And if it doesn’t? Several anecdotes – from the hilarious to the heartbreaking – would be satisfactory substitutes.

Just as going out means different things to different people, so too does what constitutes a going out dress. But as long as you feel suitably prestigious, you’re doing it right. See you at the pub – from a distance, of course.

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