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These were the bags to get you through the last leg of 2020


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2020 was not the best year for sensual experiences – particularly those of the tactile variety. Where’s the joy in touching anything (or anyone) if you’re advised to wash your hands immediately after doing so? We know this is in the interest of public health, but it’s a bore nonetheless. However, it all probably explains our latest sartorial obsession: faux fur bags.

Maybe you had a faux fur bag in primary school and the thought of owning one at whatever ripe old age you are now seems improper – ignore it. If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us it’s that life is woefully short. So woefully short, in fact, that it’s important to do exactly what you want while you can before certain events make it seem painfully long. Besides, there’s a lot more to faux fur bags than childhood nostalgia.

As previously mentioned, this year has not been the best for tactile experiences. A faux fur bag, however, is a tactile experience in itself. You might even go so far as to place your cheek on it. To hold it as if it were human. Smell it. Real sensuality is a full body experience, after all. But faux fur bags also make for excellent aesthetic experiences – we’re admittedly too superficial for them not to be.

Faux fur bags exist in abundance. Since we’ve already expressed a yearning for a specific shearling bag, it’s fortunate that they should also exist – in the nicest possible way – as fakes. Who wouldn’t want a faux shearling bag by Cult Gaia? Especially one that’s currently on sale at Harvey Nichols. Or one by Stella McCartney for that matter. Although you might actually prefer something lilac by Stand Studio. But maybe you won’t really know until you touch it.

Here’s to a tactile 2021.

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