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We know that it snowed recently, but the fact remains: spring is here. This is no ordinary spring, however. It coincides with lockdown finally easing and, subsequently, you want to look your absolute best for it. While a haircut and several beauty treatments – or maybe even tweakments – form part of this process, what’s particularly pressing is the sartorial element. You can’t decide between slip dresses or slit midi skirts, so you buy both. You wonder whether you actually need a new pair of black sunglasses, because what if you sit on the pair you already own? All this overthinking is somewhat pointless, though. Whatever you wear this spring, you won’t be able to leave the house without shoes. This is why we’ve been thinking about what the best women's sandals for 2021 are. And we have no qualms with dragging you into the discussion.

Sandals signal sunny days, both literally and in the sense that they make us beam with happiness. A new pair means a holiday (or a staycation, given that we’re still living in the shadow of coronavirus) and is the perfect excuse for a pedicure. So what should that new pair be?

If what you mainly want is reliability, your best option is Birkenstock. A pair of these will see you through several summers (and probably an apocalypse). However, a mule – no matter how practical the rest of the shoe – is not for everyone. Trekking sandals are preferable if you want to ensure your shoes stay securely on your feet. Suicoke and Arizona Love make our favourites. Yet, neither trekking sandals or Birkenstocks are particularly delicate. That’s what D’Arçé and Ancient Greek Sandals specialise in. Although maybe you just fancy a pink pair of sandals. Alexander McQueen and Camper will be able to help with that.