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These Gloves Are Staying On

Hand dressing too chic to hide away.


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“Not a bad tune. Beautiful car. Dodgy driving gloves.” A micro-review of Harry Styles’ Golden music video. Not mine, I’d like to point out.

The latter comment niggling away in my head, because the gloves are the centre piece, goddamit. It’s entirely considered: the designer (Gucci), the colour (an antique-y cream), the fabric (bow-adorned crochet). It’s the missing piece of the sexy 1970s style jigsaw puzzle.

And, let’s be honest, it’s not often we wax lyrical of such sartorial offspring. Gloves are the bananas of the accessory world. Full of benefits, of course, but not as exotic as, say, passion fruit. For the purposes of this metaphor, the passion fruit would be a pair of £315 Chanel tights.

But it’s November, it’s cold, and a winter park date is peak joy in an otherwise pretty joyless year. Also, it’s really the only thing one can do right now; outside of making dinner and staring at our laptops for more time than is probably healthy.

So, yeah, gloves. They’re important. We know we need them, but often we lose them. And rarely, if ever, do we buy them for ourselves.

“My mum always buys them for me,” according to one friend. “If I buy them myself they’ll be a shit, cheap, black pair from the corner shop.” Her grievances matched with a strong desire to actually be the proprietor of a pair of “nice” gloves (“they’re bougie - I wish I was that bougie.”)


The King of Bougie, Karl Lagerfeld, is a source of wisdom, here. He was - for much of his working life - fervent about wearing a pair of leather fingerless gloves. Even while sketching in his studio.

“In the old protocol, it is impolite to say hello to somebody who is wearing gloves,” he explained. “It also makes the arm longer. And you know what it means in French to have a long arm? It means you are influential.”

So, that’s us persuaded, then. In need of some style direction in the autumn glove department? Here’s our pick of the most stylish options to get your hands on, for at-home opulence to en plein air ventures (read: more walking).