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It’s spring at last! And, by consequence, denim jacket season.

Denim jackets usually enter our lives during adolescence. We get them from oversaturated vintage shops under the guise of individuality and off the highstreet during a first attempt at creating a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Either way, after this moment, they tend to stay with us for life. While we may go whole years without even thinking to wear one, we can never quite bring ourselves to be rid of them. Since denim jackets only seem to look better with age, this is completely logical. Although maybe now – with the wisdom of experience – it might be time to invest in a new one for this purpose, one that you truly want to commit to as opposed to one you simply buy on a whim. That said, the desire to own as many as possible also makes sense – especially when they’re as idiosyncratic as the ones below.


When you first began reading this piece, the denim jacket that flashed in your mind probably resembled Nanushka’s. While you could just purchase that one and be done with it, we implore you to at least peruse alternatives alongside it (which is probably the main reason you’re reading this at all). Maybe you’d prefer something cropped and inexpensive with a zip, for example. We’d recommend Topshop's denim jacket for that. But what if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on a cropped denim jacket? Dries Van Noten. Then again, you might have no interest in a cropped denim jacket whatsoever, opting instead for an off-the-shoulder number from Ganni’s collaboration with Levi’s. But what if that feels too exposing? Well, then there’s always Wood Wood’s Mary Ann denim jacket.

And if you’re bored of hearing about denim jackets now, dear reader, imagine how we feel.

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