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The triple threat you need to ease you into 2021


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2020 is over at last. But alas, the only place in the country that isn’t on at least ‘Very High alert’ is the Isles of Scilly: the rest of us are generally advised to stay at home. Perhaps the only benefit of this is that you have more of an excuse to exist solely in a cashmere tracksuit. And how else are you supposed to survive the miserable month of January if not in warmth and luxury?

However, cashmere tracksuits are merely a single element of this survival kit. You also need books and snacks, obviously. Otherwise you’ll just be comfortable and bored. And that’s absolutely no way to live.

Like all items of clothing in a world obsessed with the thrill of the new, cashmere tracksuits come in many variations. Once you’re allowed to leave the house with more vigour than you are currently, they also work wonderfully as separates. The combination of a cashmere hoodie underneath a leather jacket is truly something to behold, for example. And you’ll actually want to bump into an ex if the tracksuit bottoms you’re wearing are cashmere. I’m doing very well without you, they’ll say (softly).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves there. Especially since it wouldn’t be advisable to be so physically close to an ex that they could ascertain the material of your tracksuit bottoms during a pandemic (and for reasons of self-preservation, although that’s another matter).

Anyway, no matter your intentions, cashmere tracksuits are a worthwhile investment. Some even feature cashmere T-shirts and roll necks instead of hoodies! And not all of them are grey!

On that note, here are an assortment of cashmere tracksuits, snacks and books to make the start of 2021 as pleasant as possible. It’s the most we can hope for right now. Happy new year though!

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