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Blazers? In the advent of a second lockdown? Seriously? Yes. We know this might seem like an inappropriate time for them, but nothing instigates motivation quite like a workwear separate – and a blazer is the finest workwear separate there is.

The first lockdown had its moments of novelty. Despite the horror of its actualisation, WFH was – initially – exciting. Beds became desks. Suits became tracksuits. Dinner became overly indulgent. But then, all that became boring. We missed going out out. We missed world travel. We missed normality – whatever that was. And here we are again! How on earth do we make the best of it?

A blazer is a reminder that stuff still matters. Whatever that ‘stuff’ is exactly varies from person to person, but putting on a blazer – even in the comfort of your own home – is a sartorial jolt to the senses. Some might even refer to it as a ‘kick up the arse’, but that’s the last thing you need when your mental health has already been ravaged by an unprecedented global pandemic.

Not that blazers are only relevant in a professional setting. To wear one is to declare that you’re successful – not just in your career, but in every aspect of your life. As ridiculous as that may sound, it’s still worth a try isn’t it? Especially if it means new clothes – the best bit of the entire enterprise.

In this instance, new clothes look like a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy floral blazer (worn with the matching trousers) for an intimate date with a full-length mirror and a Low Classic number that’s worth turning your laptop camera on for. When the need to leave the house arises, a leather blazer from Arket – layered over jumpers and a scarf – can rival any coat. With the money you’ll save from not being able to do anything fun this month, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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