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Rumour has it that spring is here. How lovely for us all! But, as lovely as the sun is, it’s not particularly kind to our eyes. Some would say it’s downright cruel! So cruel, in fact, that it can actually make you weep, ruining your mascara with it. There is an obvious solution, however: sunglasses. And while we adore statement sunglasses in diverse colours, it’s black sunglasses that we always return to. There’s nothing quite like them. Why?

Black goes with everything. Everyone knows that – it’s a proverb! And although anything black tends to be somewhat of a wardrobe essential, few black pieces are as exciting as a pair of black sunglasses. As vital as they may be, no one has ever noticed someone on account of their black trousers. Black sunglasses, however, render their wearer instantly and inescapably noticeable.

You only need to compare The Matrix with Breakfast at Tiffany’s to realise that black sunglasses are diversely iconic. If they can look as excellent on a computer hacker in a simulated reality as they do on a New York socialite, then they’ll probably look excellent on you – someone presumably more iconic than Neo and Holly Golightly combined.

We don’t want to take a dictatorial tone with regards to frames and brands, but we will advise one thing: try everything and have fun with it – that’s our proverb. However, if the sheer volume of black sunglasses in existence has left you with a kink for specific instructions, then so be it. Spending over £100 on something that you may well accidentally sit on doesn’t bode well with everyone, so it’s a blessing that brands like Flame Lily and Le Specs mean you don’t have to. That said, you’d be unlikely to reject a pair of black sunglasses from Prada or Gucci, wouldn’t you? And there's no harm in honouring both parts of yourself.


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