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Don't fight what's warm and fluffy


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So London is now open again! Well, slightly. Open in a way that’s equivalent to your crush saying ‘you can come if you want’ – until 11pm and only with your household or support bubble – instead of ‘I want you to come’. Needless to say, it’s all a bit confusing. Sometimes we wonder if it might be easier to just stay in. There’s less room for disappointment at home – and it’s warmer. You’ve perfected the art of productively WFH and have curated an enviable collection of matching tracksuits. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about warm slippers as well, then.

People make fun of them, but the truth is that everybody needs – and wants – a decent pair of warm slippers. In Summer, you can just wear your Birkenstocks (probably Arizonas from their 1774 range) both outside and inside. Winter, however, is too cold for that. And they might be in storage with the rest of your summer wardrobe anyway. Proper slippers it must be.

If you’re especially dedicated to Birkenstock, they also make slippers as well as sandals. But you might prefer the fluffy variety – we know we do when the days shorten. While most of those come in the form of slides, there are also closed-toe contenders. Those by Deiji Studios and Arket are but two examples.

Want something more delicate? Well, slippers – or rather ‘house mules’ – by Olivia Morris At Home have bows on them. That’s a prettiness that’s hard to find when it comes to shoes worn by most of us to be slovenly in – we suggest embracing it.

‘Fun’ slippers are probably the most predominant of all, but if you want something that does the job without looking like a novelty item, we recommend Versace and Natasha Zinko.

Now, what should we watch?

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