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Famed for its velour tracksuits and cultish following, Juicy Couture, the 'It Girl' brand of the Noughties, is back with a pastel coloured, diamond encrusted vengeance.


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If you’re a 90s baby, there are certain fashion choices you’ll never forget. But only one was truly embraced by celebrities and fashion folk alike: those bedazzled velour two pieces, a gift from Juicy Couture to the world. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Beyonce donned the iconic, diamond encrusted tracksuits, until their cultural significance waned. But, true to fashion’s cyclical nature, to mark the 25th anniversary of the its best-selling creation, the OG tracksuit is making a comeback. 

Amy Gibson, Head of Design at Juicy, remarked on the luxe fabric’s return, saying it was a “secret weapon” that they were keeping at the back of their minds. To reconfigure the material for 2021 was a challenge, but Juicy was determined to retain what people loved about the tracksuit decades ago, blending the essence of that with a 2021 approach.

“Our conversations centred around: how does the market want to adopt the Juicy tracksuit back into their wardrobes, and be confident in wearing their loungewear as a statement, 25 years later? We wanted to give the silhouettes a slight upgrade,” Gibson explained.

The remix is both an ode to Juicy’s past influence and a testament to its cultural endurance. The new tracksuit will be created with velour, with new signature trims and a mid-rise style. To add to what will surely create a frenzied shopping spree: Juicy’s chosen colours sound like a candy-coloured dream. There’s lemon drop, raspberry rose, and sugar swizzle, amongst others.

The revival is well timed. Gen Z has been flocking to resell apps such as their beloved depop, scouring the Internet for vintage Juicy pieces and fabrics reminiscent of the original. There’s also the resurrection of comfort-wear and athleisure, likely sparked by the stay-at-home, pandemic life we’re now accustomed to. The luxe velour synonymous with the Juicy tracksuit consists of a heavy cotton base, resulting in perfect, breathable loungewear.

In other words, the Noughties are back - and have been given a juicy update.

Images | Juicy Couture

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