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Stella Issues A Warning at g7

"Fashion is unfashionable" when it comes to climate change, says the designer


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The G7 summit, known to bring together the world’s ultimate so-called advanced economies, descended upon England this past weekend. Taking place in Cornwall, the summit saw world leaders, politicians and royalty, clustered together to facilitate conversations and change. Amongst these influential leaders was Stella McCartney, the British fashion maven who stood as a representation of the fashion industry at large.

Revered for her environmental activism globally, the designer used this immense platform to elevate her environmental concerns and push for regulatory change.

“I am honoured to represent the fashion industry today, one of the most polluting in the world. My goal is to drive change, encourage investments and create lasting difference through incentives supporting the next generation,” McCartney said. She went on to add her hopes for the G7 summit: the implementation of policies for a society that is “kinder to all creatures, Mother Earth and each other.”


She also stressed that the fashion industry is inherently lawless. “...we’re not policed in any way,” she said. “We have no laws or legislations that will put hards stops on our industry.”

McCartney had such conversations with leaders including US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, while gathered at St. James Palace. During the event, both at the palace and the summit itself, she was photographed wearing pieces from her own collections.

And honestly, who better than McCartney to delineate the intersection between fashion and sustainability? Her label’s messaging is clear with each collection: the creation of her clothes will not stand in conflict with the environment. For one thing, her eponymous brand has been completely leather and fur-free for twenty years. McCartney and her team are also responsible for the world’s first vegan mushroom clothing.

This year’s summit marks the first time business leaders have had official meetings with politicians with a focus on sustainability. CEOs presented key initiatives to world leaders, including recommendations for potential governmental policies and how to drive change within the fashion and textile industries. During the summit, McCartney, along with fellow leaders, signed onto the Terra Carta Transition Coalitions, a collective dedicated to global sustainability efforts.

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