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The Curious Case Of Chloé’s New (Instagram) Look

“You will get to see bags and dresses, but there wouldn’t be bags and dresses if there were no bees”


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Scroll through your camera roll through the last year and decode your findings. If most of the pictures are of trees and flowers, you’re in the vast majority my friend. Sure, there was a time when one could happily stroll through a park, a field, a woodland forest, and not be immediately compelled to take a single picture, proof that #natureishealing and all that jazz. A non-practice entirely usurped when walking became the only activity on the agenda. And it’s one practice that shows no signs of waning on our social feeds any time soon.

Take Chloé, for instance, who recently switched up the fashion narrative to spotlight nature’s abundant charms: from berries and bees to ladybirds and plants. Some commentators were confused by the new look, even wondering if the account had been hacked. Not so.

“It’s healing,” the label's new creative director, eco-enthusiast and pioneer of sustainable luxury, Gabriela Hearst told WWD. “I feel that it’s doing something we never thought we could do on social media. It does have this healing vision for the eyes, as we go through the journey together of understanding where things come from. You will get to see bags and dresses, but there wouldn’t be bags and dresses if there were no bees.”

Though this is not the first sign of fashion’s changing tide on social media. When Anthony Vaccarello was appointed at Saint Laurent, every post on Instagram from Hedi Slimane’s era was removed. Soon after, when Hedi Slimane arrived at the helm of CELINE, he removed any Insta-trail of his predecessor’s tenure (a sad day for old Céline fans). More recently, Daniel Lee, the mastermind behind Bottega Venetta’s many objects of desire, went one step further in his social media strategy, by deleting all BV’s official pages from social networks. No explanation. The new rules of social media? There are no rules, apparently. 

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