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From a monogram of Naomi Campbell to the onboarding of a Kenyan comedian, this season fashion houses are thinking outside the box


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Spring may have come and gone, but fashion has delivered a lasting impression of the season: a delicious compilation of 2021 campaigns. Think digitised models, Madonna’s daughter for Marc Jacobs, literary romance from Valentino and more. Here are some of the best visual treats from the Spring 2021 roster.


The British powerhouse tapped some major talent this season. Kendall Jenner, who hardly needs an introduction, the multitalented singer and actress FKA Twigs, and Shygirl, the east London musician who skyrocketed to success, all front their latest campaign, highlighting the brand’s iconic Olympia bag.

In a separate series, one that blends fantasy and reality, visual artist Frederik Heyman created a campaign featuring a CGI-version of Naomi Campbell, amidst seashell-inspired architectural wonders. The dreamy, coastal-esque collection is worthy of its own merit but also that of fashion’s continuous commitment to creative technology.



Valentino, the avant-garde Italian house, has increasingly woven literature with their fashion. For instance, they collaborated with Emma Roberts’ virtual book club, Belletrist, for their Collezione Milano campaign, “The Narratives”. This powerful series featured independent bookstore owners, to each of which Valentino made a donation. They also featured 19-year-old Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo, who's working with them to create a children’s book.


The queen of the 90s is back: Paris Hilton is fronting Lanvin’s Spring 2021 campaign, inspired by the echelon of New York society in the 1950s. Sleek and sombre, the black and white campaign presents a modern day “swan” – the term referring to these of the moment socialites – complete with the classic hair and subtle glamour of the period.

Stuart Weitzman

In a viral campaign, Stuart Weitzman featured the star of the tennis world, Serena Williams, along with her three-year-old daughter Alexis “Olympia” Ohanian Jr. The tribute to motherhood went viral, as did the behind-the-scenes story of the shoot. The crew played “Baby Shark” and Disney soundtracks to keep the younger model entertained.

Marc Jacobs

If Madonna’s daughter wouldn’t attain “It Girl” status, who would? Lourdes Leon is having a moment as an influencer, with Marc Jacobs sealing this position having the 24-year-old fronting his accessories campaign. The playful photographs see Lourdes surrounded by stuffed animals, donning a flurry of prints and rainbow socks, and showing off some very Gen-Z-esque eyeshadow.


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