Balenciaga Forecasts The Future Of Travel

“In these images, the collection goes around the world, anticipating a return to the possibility of global travel”


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We've all been inside for so long that a lift excursion is almost euphoric. Still – we yearn for a holiday: pure, unadulterated escapism. That time will come, don’t worry. Until then, your phone camera reel and sunny D filters will have to suffice to technologically transport you elsewhere. Balenciaga’s latest Pre-Fall collection took this virtual reality concept to the extreme: introduced in 58 looks, each model posed in front of an iconic tourist attraction around the world added in post-production.

Logging into the show on Sunday one was presented with not clothes but a three minute long reel of feel-good clips - made in collaboration with artists Kamilya Kuspanova and Anton Bialas  - from dolphins, kittens, dandelions, beach waves, wild horses and people dancing and hugging each other...ah! “The video features no products or advertising, created solely to evoke a positive emotion,” the brand shared in a press statement. “Using visuals and sounds that have been scientifically proven to instill joy in most people, the montage pieces together clips and effects in a way that aims to cleanse the everyday digital palette and make almost anyone feel good.”


The largely unisex show look book, posted on Instagram stories, was taken by French creative visionary Patrick Weldé, in front of a blank canvas to photoshop the most famous tourist attractions in the backdrop; one model, for instance, is seen posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, others standing on Roman Spanish steps or in front of London’s Houses of Parliament. Some other notable virtual sightseeing locations included Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, , Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal. “In these images, the collection goes around the world, anticipating a return to the possibility of global travel,” the designer explains. 90.6% of the collection is made out of sustainable fabrics (recycled, upcycled or organic), ground-breaking for a luxury heavyweight. The key looks featured oversize hoodies with Gay Pride slogans, 90s-inspired tracksuits, denim trenches and floral puff-sleeved dresses. The tour de force of garments? A quilted black wedding dress-inspired coat, decorated with rose patterns. In summary: we want everything.

Images | @balenciaga

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