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Somewhat fittingly for their brand mission, Motley founders Cecily Motley and Ilana Lever met in a university lecture on witchcraft. Years later, they noted that it was becoming difficult to find desirable jewellery that was accessibly priced and didn’t turn their skin green with anything but envy. They started working with leading jewellery designers on capsule collections and Motley came to be. To them, the best jewellery designers are both sculptors and engineers as well as artists. They find jewellery designers to create bold and original collections that would hardly make it past the mood board stage elsewhere. ‘Elsewhere’ in the jewellery industry can be a minefield of suspicious supply chains, dated marketing, ridiculous prices and - on the other side - sickeningly cheap pieces fated for landfill. Often, the designers themselves don’t get credit for their work or have to sell at astronomical prices because of production costs. As a result, you’re left with either affordable products unlikely to become heirlooms or products only relevant to the 1%. Ultimately, Motley believe in ‘democratising the world of jewellery piece by piece’ - we can definitely open a lobster clasp to that.


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