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A fleece jacket used to be something that was scoffed at. But along with other clothes worn by conventional dad types (baseball caps, particularly practical trainers, waterproofs), they are now firmly in the fold. And if the quantities of fleeces available at retailers such as Browns, LN-CC and SSENSE are anything to go by, some might even say they were ‘cool’.

Indeed, being practical is now fashionable. The collaboration between MM6 and The North Face tells us that. In times like these, however, practicality is also somewhat of a necessity. As we enter an uncertain future, we crave reassurance and comfort – nothing offers these things quite like a fleece jacket.

Unlike leather or denim jackets, a fleece jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm – and if you wear it under a coat, warmer still. But a fleece jacket is more than just a cold weather essential. Whether you plan to loll on the sofa or go for a brisk walk through meadows and mountains, a fleece is always appropriate.

Certain people claim that fleeces are scruffy, and they might be correct. Although who actually cares when going out isn’t what it once was anyway? Some are cuddly and oversized (often menswear) numbers; others are stealthy base layers. If it feels good, it looks good. Ultimately, that’s the only thing that matters in these unprecedented times.

For said base layers, we recommend Bogner. Borrowing something from the boys, however, is where you’ll really be spoilt for choice – especially with Moncler and Martine Rose to contend with. If, after all this time (and all our effort), you still wouldn’t be seen dead in a fleece jacket, Maje might be able to help. Their version of a fleece jacket looks a lot more like a denim jacket, with the added benefit of leopard print.

Whatever you choose, it won’t take too long for you to realise that this is comfort dressing in its purest form.