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Will winter ever end?


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We don’t think wool scarves get the gratitude they deserve.

In terms of seasonal dressing, winter requires a lot of effort. The first step is committing to a coat – this would be easy if there weren’t so many to choose from. You agonise between a camel coat and a trenchcoat, before purchasing both alongside something else entirely. All seems well at this point, until you glance outside and realise that something waterproof – complete with a rain hat – would have been the wiser option.

After that substantial hurdle, it’s time to start layering. Whatever (and however many) layers you wear, a jumper will always be the focal point of this enterprise. By grace of its mass, a chunky knit jumper will always dominate in such a scenario. A polo neck, however, has a lot more versatility. Unlike a chunky knit jumper, it can be worn both underneath a chunky knit jumper and over something else – in other words, they are indispensable.

But there’s one piece of clothing – or rather accessory – that trumps them all: the aforementioned wool scarf. While coats, jumpers and thermal layers in general are key when it comes to combating the cold, none of them offer quite the comfort of a wool scarf. A wool scarf keeps you warm without judgement and without the fear that you’re somehow doing it all wrong – it certainly doesn’t interfere with anything else you’re wearing.

So what wool scarves do we recommend? The striped one from Gucci is especially nice, but then so is the Ambar x Mariouwow snake one in ochre. Or any by Acne Studios – we like most of them really. And once winter chills (and the lasting effects of a global pandemic) have departed us, you can just use your wool scarf as a premium travel blanket instead – how exciting!

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