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Weirdly for a brand that feels so incredibly current, House of Sunny was founded nearly a decade ago. However, it is with the benefit of time that it has evolved into what it is today: "a crafted staple of the moment with a feeling that lasts." Of course this sounds good, but it looks better. Think playful prints and ribbed cardigans with detachable fur collars and cuffs in a yarn colour unique to the label - not that it’s real fur. One of the brand’s credentials is that its pieces are completely vegan. Given that House of Sunny only produce two seasonal collections a year and release them in limited drops, sustainability is more than just a concept to the company. In fact, sustainability is such a thing there that they champion commonly unknown practices in pursuit of it. For example, their latest collection avoids print placement so that fabric is not wasted by engineering the print to the garment’s shape. You’d think this much care and attention would be evident in price but, somehow, House of Sunny accomplishes this without sacrificing affordability. Miraculous really - we’d like it all.

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