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Unless you’re fine with carrying things around in your bare hands, braving life without a bag is somewhat reckless. In an abyss of accessories, bags deserve our respect. Although fashion can feel like a minefield of exclusivity, bags will always be as accessible as they are essential to everyone - that’s why we love them.

Despite the notion that all bags are lovely and useful in their own way, we have an especially soft spot for smaller bags. Not bags so small that they’re classed as mini bags (though we do adore those), but ones that hold everything you need without profusion. While the joy of big bags is that they don’t call for a considered edit of your personal accoutrements, small bags require decisiveness about what we really need versus what we actually don’t. Thoughtfulness, in other words. And that can only be admired. Not to mention that you’d look slightly strange wielding a massive tote bag at somewhere like a club.

When it comes to accessorizing thoughtfully, the Furla Metropolis is the perfect bag for the job. Its success lies in its simplicity, it goes with anything and can be taken anywhere. Once we’re allowed out and around the world again, we’d recommend having it by your side. The only possible issue is whether to go for the classic rectangular or new rounded model - we'll leave that up to you.

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