The End Of Christmas Jumpers Is The Saddest Story Of All

Look away if you love fairisle, there's an obvious sustainability issue here. But there's a chance it'll be OK after all


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Britain’s favourite festive garment, the Christmas jumper, is adding to the world’s plastic pollution. With 95% of the UK’s cheery garments being made of synthetic fibres, environmental charity Hubbub is deterring us from purchasing them to support a more sustainable approach to Christmas this season. The charity’s estimation suggests that the UK will buy 12 million festive jumpers this month, despite the fact we collectively have about 65 million stashed away already. Even worse, two fifths of them will be worn only once, making the Christmas Jumper one of the most damaging examples of fast-fashion.

But before you cry into your mince pie, this clear crisis needn't necessarily spell the end for our Christmas jumper love. There is some good news associated with your seasonal knit, so before you decide whether or not to ditch the knit, read on and then choose. But remember, a christmas jumper is for life, not just for christmas (unless it's made of cashmere, in which case, the moths will have it)


Your sustainable seasonal solution: Maybe reconsider purchasing from the high street and head to your local vintage shop instead; a likely hotbed of novelty and traditional pieces most of the year, but especially around now. Still important to check the label (see below).


in order of 'badness', check for the following;

Acrylic. It releases the most microfibres in the wash, which make up a massive proportion of the microplastics found in our oceans and seas. Acrylic = bad.

Polyester and nylon: Still releases microfibres, but five times less than acrylic.

Polyester-cotton blend: Try to avoid, not quite there yet.

Cotton (organic): Good to go

Wool: makes for an excellent christmas jumper

Cashmere: OK, if you insist.


The Save The Childrens annual charity event, Christmas Jumper Day, is happening on Friday 13th December. An amazing charity event that the entire nation now gets behind, donating £2 each to wear their favourite festive knit. You can be contributing to raising millions for an amazing cause. Just wear your vintage or cashmere one, OK?

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