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Whether you're single or cohabiting, you'll find something appropriate here


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Valentine’s Day isn’t always the most inclusive of occasions. And, if you’re single, wearing a Valentine’s Day dress might make you feel like Miss Havisham. A Miss Havisham who was ghosted on Valentine’s Day in 2016 and never quite overcame it, perhaps. A Miss Havisham updated for a millennial audience, but a Miss Havisham nonetheless. But you have every right to wear a Valentine’s Day Dress on Valentine’s Day because you have every right to celebrate Valentine’s Day – everyone does. Why deny yourself an opportunity to peruse heart-shaped jewellery and eat more extravagantly than usual? That would be foolish. So, in the spirit of making Valentine’s Day more inclusive for everyone, here are Valentine’s Day dresses for every relationship status.


Wearing a Valentine’s Day dress if you’re single will always be a statement of defiance. And, because some people might find it inappropriate, you do it partly for their discomfort. Options include “I’m single because men find me intimidating” by Norma Kamali and “I actually have several doting partners” by OMNES.


Congratulations! You are in a relationship! All the times your sympathetic nervous system was triggered were worth it! The Miu Miu dress represents your success in transforming a few red flags into something resplendent, while the Jonathan Simkhai dress denotes sex that has yet to lose its sparkle.


Whether you do so for reasons of inseparability or pure convenience, cohabiting with your partner is a sign of commitment. But split rent comes with side effects. Within days, you may find yourself recycling more diligently than ever before and desecrating the kitchen with organic produce. A suitable Valentine’s Day dress in this instance might come from House of Dagmar, winner of the first Zalando Sustainability Award. Or perhaps domestic bliss has made you feel especially feminine and you want to wear something pink from Mango. Either way, both of these dresses were made for the comfort of cohabitation.



You are now married. The best thing you have wrangled out of this arrangement is a joint bank account and, by consequence, a Prada dress. But there's also a 'knotted' one by Sonia Carrasco lurking somewhere in your wardrobe to signal the devotion you have for your partner. Your wedding anniversary may well have usurped Valentine's Day, so there's no harm in owning both.


It happens. So how do we make the best of it? One option is to remind yourself that you are in fact the prize with help from Rotate. If that seems like too much effort, simply submit to the great expanse of the future in a dress from Arket. And surround yourself with friends on Valentine's Day.