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And overshirts for that matter


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If there’s one thing you should have been shacking up with throughout lockdown, it’s a shacket – and not just because they sound similar. While it would be nice if we all had someone else’s massive shirt to seize and ensconce ourselves in, people can be unreliable. Purchasing your own shacket means you’ll always have one regardless of your relationship status.

It doesn’t take an advanced understanding of etymology to work out that a ‘shacket’ is a ‘shirt’ and a ‘jacket’ combined – or something in between both. They’re also referred to as ‘overshirts’, though what you wear underneath them is entirely your choice. A shacket is essentially an oversized shirt that can either be layered under a coat or worn as a jacket itself. Generally, they’re quite masculine pieces of clothing. This is why they’re often borrowed from boyfriends and brothers. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman reverberates all around us! As previously stated, getting your own is better – for feminism and for fit.

In the stagnant purgatory of lockdown, shackets are relatable because they’re uncertain. Will wearing one at home prove to be the antithesis of comfort? Can it keep you at an optimal temperature independently as the seasons shift? Would it be easier if jackets were just jackets and shirts were just shirts? Probably. But when you find that sweet spot between apathy and action, shackets start to make sense. Maybe they won’t always be weather appropriate; maybe they’ll never know what they actually are – but maybe it doesn’t matter. Especially when shackets themselves are all so different.

As you can see below, those by the likes of Max Mara and Marques'Almeida could feasibly be called feminine. And the Acne Studios one could definitely keep you warm. But ultimately, they’re all superior to any shacket you could accidentally inherit from an ex. And that’s why you really need to get your own.

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