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Just in case working out from home hasn’t quite worked out for you yet...


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Global pandemic or not, and in whatever form it may take, we should all be exercising. But the thing is there is a global pandemic happening, and it makes doing so - and life in general - difficult.

When life was ‘normal’, part of the joy of exercise was the whole process by which we engaged in it. There’s nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment that comes from having squeezed in a yoga class before work, or the relief at seeing someone else also spend the majority of HIIT in an extended rest period.

Of course we can still do exercise now, but it just feels so different. A yoga class conducted on Zoom seems inherently less zen. Instagram Live workouts done from your phone can appear as though they’re being led by a borrower. Even a run (or walk) in the park has become estranged from its idiomatic definition. Indeed, you may also be consumed by the notion that, if there’s no one around to bask in your smug post-yoga glow or giggle with when you find yourself immobilised by a single plank, you may not have even exercised at all.

Ultimately, however, doing a yoga class via Zoom is more beneficial than doing no yoga class at all. And, as for Instagram Live workouts, there are no classes that are as supportively social as Ciara Madden’s. Furthermore, you do realise that WOFH (working out from home) is largely free, you're unlikely to contract a verruca in your own shower and the grunts of toxic masculinity probably won't be resounding all around you, right?