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Fashion Rental FAQs With HURR Collective's Victoria Prew

BURO. chats to HURR collective founder Victoria Prew about what rental fashion really is, and why it’s the future of fashion.


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We all want to shop more sustainably, to take the guilt out of one-off purchases and fashion’s constant pull, which is where rental fashion offers an appealing solution. HURR Collective it the UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform - the Airbnb of fashion. Co-founded and co-coded from scratch by ex-chartered surveyor Victoria Prew, HURR provides a realistic solution to fast fashion, while promoting the circular economy by extending the lifespan of our clothes.

The platform allows women to rent and lend their wardrobes securely and effort free. It is a two-sided marketplace; on one side lenders can make money from their ‘I can’t wear that again’ clothing and on the other side, renters can access these designer pieces for around 20 percent of their original retail price. The shift on the importance of ownership to access, particularly among consumers of the millennial generation is the reason why HURR has boomed in popularity. HURR has established a way to connect people, technology and fashion to deliver a streamlined rental process that allows women to share their wardrobes (without letting go forever) and take even better care of the planet. The tides seem to finally changing and we are all ears.

Here, Prew shares her expertise on rental fashion.

On Rental changing the way we shop

There’s also a whole new generation that value ‘access’ over ‘ownership’ and have shifted towards more conscious fashion consumption. They’re smarter than ever about the pieces they want to own forever and the pieces they want to wear once or twice. The future of fashion should be circular, and combining buying with rental, resale and upcycling schemes is a great way to start. I also live by Livia Firth’s #30Wears campaign, and really stop to ask “will I wear this at least 30 times” before I buy anything at all!

What is Peer-to-Peer rental?

HURR is the UK's first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform. Just like a typical marketplace, we don't actually hold stock. Instead, we connect forward-thinking women and allow them to share their wardrobes securely and in seconds. Meaning you can help the environment, still love fashion and make money. As a tech company, it was essential for us to ensure that the process was safe and secure for your wardrobe. This took a huge amount of time and technical infrastructure, but trust is at our core. We have worked extremely hard from day one to ensure vetting and review processes are in place to build a community of like-minded women.”

On Making money with HURR

Some of our top lenders are making £500 - £1,000 a month renting their wardrobe. If you're good at spotting trends or have treasures hidden away in your wardrobe - you're a HURR Girl. Once you’re set up online we borrow your pieces for the season and rent them out for you.



Who is responsible for the dry cleaning of the items?

HURR: The renter pays for dry cleaning, but it is organised by the owner of the items. We include this in our overall pricing, so it is not added on.

How do you ensure items arrive on time?

HURR: There are many ways to collect an item: in person, by bicycle courier and by post. We would always recommend registered post. We have not had issues so far with items not arriving on time and its left up to your and the renter to organise.

What happens to stock once a style goes 'out of fashion'?

HURR: You can un-list an item you are renting at any time if you feel it’s past its sell by date, you are not held to a timeframe. We do not hold any stock at HURR we just act as a shop window for renters. HURR also have a partnership with Traid, so if something is not suitable to rent HURR can accept and donate the items to the charity.

How to ensure the cleanliness, quality and size of the items when you order/receive them?

HURR: If an item is received dirty, is not as described or does not fit there is a 24hour window to tell HURR, return the item and get a refund. You can add £5 insurance to cover small wear and tear if you are the one renting.

Is it free to sign up to? And how much percent commission do the sites take?

HURR: Yes, it is completely free. HURR takes 15% commission.

What happens if my piece is ruined by the renter?

HURR: This hasn’t happened yet, but the renter is responsible for paying for the item’s value. You can also add a refundable deposit on an item if you wish.

How much do you get charged if you damage the item?

HURR: You can add insurance to an item for £5 which covers minor damage, if an item is not returned or completely ruined you are charged the full value of the items.

How do you ensure you get accepted to be able to rent - what is the criteria?

HURR: Anyone can become a member of HURR. HURR checks members to make sure they are real people, but other than that everyone is welcome.

Who handles the returns of my piece I have rented or if I have rented a piece? Is this postage included in the price?

HURR: Renters can meet in person to collect, which we encourage, so the HURR community builds. You can also post items back and postage is included and set by the owner

Which brands are most popular on HURR?

HURR: Ganni, Reformation, Rixo London, Gucci, Zimmermann, Bottega...anything that you love others will love too.”

Last Word?

Buy less, buy better and RENT the rest!

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