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Raf Simons to head up Prada and Simon Porte Jacquemus to take over Jean-Paul Gaultier? We unpack fashion's biggest rumours and decide if they're the real deal, or a mere figment of our imagination


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From the first moon landing to JFK’s death - conspiracy theories are a guilty pleasure that many of us enjoy indulging in. Sometimes you don’t believe the story, but its details are just too juicy to not relish in it. ICYMI, such theories have been circulating the fashion industry in recent weeks, with rumours that Raf Simons is the next in line for the creative director position at Prada, or its sister brand Miu Miu - a piece of gossip that is flourishing over Twitter as we speak. If this wasn’t enough, Simon Porte Jacquemus, of eponymous label Jacquemus, is rumoured to be taking over the helm at Jean Paul Gaultier since the designer said that last week’s couture show would be his last. Amidst all the speculation, we put our journalistic skills to the test and predict just how true they may be.

raf simons / prada

First of all, let’s just remind ourselves that Simons has already worked at the Prada group when he was creative director at Jil Sander between 2005-2012. It’s a known fact within the industry that he gave the house some of its most iconic designs, and the only reason his tenure ended is because Sander herself wanted to return. As a designer, Simons is the avant-garde creator hailing from Belgium that can do it all: sleek minimalism at Calvin Klein, couture at Dior and countless sneakers with adidas. With Prada’s slow move into athleisure-inspired collections, and Miuccia and Simons’ shared adoration for one another’s work, it would seem an appropriate time to collaborate with Simons - be this a one time liaison or for a permanent design position. This being said, many have speculated that Miu Miu is the label he is most likely to take over. The rumour began when Miu Miu HQ offices moved back from Paris to Milan, and Simons was then reportedly looking for an apartment in the Italian fashion capital during Pitti a few weeks ago.

Chance of it happening? We'd give it a strong 70/30 of being a YES. 


Simon porte jacquemus / jean-paul gaultier

If you didn’t see clips from Jean Paul Gaultier’s final show at couture fashion week in Paris last week, then where have you been? The beloved French designer revealed that after 50 years of working in fashion (really, that long), he would be leaving his own label and naming a successor. In an interview with BURO., he teased “I will [appoint] one, but with a new concept - but I cannot tell you more… I will not do it myself.” Although there was no mention of Jacquemus from Gaultier, it’s hadn’t gone unnoticed that he (Jacquemus) had just announced his shows would continue to be co-ed going forward, meaning there’d be two less a year. Further to this, Jacquemus has in the past expressed his admiration for the designer, stating him as his hero. Although he has only ever worked on his own eponymous label, it would seem a natural time to take on a new position with the Jacquemus brand finding such stability and success in recent years. 

Chance of it happening? We give it a solid 50/50, but perhaps it's one of those situations where if we say it enough, maybe, just maybe, it'll come true?

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