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Lizzo is officially 100% that bitch and now she’s wearing those trousers. Has she got her own merchandise coming?


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Last night at the 02 Lizzo did a performance that can be described (and was, by one BURO.source) as ‘mass self-care’. The vibe around Lizzo is just pure inspired joy, where people don’t shove and strop to get to the front, they say ‘I’m so sorry to bump you,’, and you respond with ‘that’s OK, no problem’ and make space. Because everyone is there to love Lizzo, and right now, the world needs that kind of love.

So why is Lizzo ‘that bitch’? She twerks and flutes, yes. She is loud and she’s very open about the fact she’s not always happy, but also she wears the most incredible personalised outfits - like THOSE sequined trousers from her show last night - that might just be a message that she’s won her copyright case and maybe there’s ‘That Bitch’ merch coming?

You didn’t know? The phrase “100% that bitch” from Lizzo’s single Truth Hurts, has obviously become something of an unofficial trademark. So, since June this year she has been trying to copyright it for use on clothing and other merchandise. Yes please, I would also like to go to my Christmas party in gold and black ‘That Bitch’ trousers. But has the spanner left the works? Because the hold-up has been a British singer called Mina Lioness, who in February 2017 tweeted: ‘I did a DNA test and found out I’m 100% that bitch.’ It went viral, several memes sprung up (but which came first, the tweet or the egg?), and Lizzo released Truth Hurts seven months later, crediting the memes for her inspiration.

The real truth, though, is that a tweet doesn’t lay claim to an idea. Commercialising it by printing it onto a T-shirt, or sequinned gold trousers say, yes. That holds some sway in the intellectual property rights game. So, can we look forward to some real Lizzo merch to come? Can you too be that bitch because it says it all over your outfits? We can only hope. In the meantime, we continue to love Lizzo.



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