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Which Jacquemus bag are you?

Le Chiquto in red? A banana yellow Le Panier Soleil basket bag? Let the new Jacquemus Instagram filter decide who you really are


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Luxury label Jacquemus has, like us, a guilty pleasure for Instagram filters. Yesterday the brand’s founder and creative director, Simon Porte Jacquemus, revealed the filter that randomly selects a bag over a user’s face on Instagram Stories. Ignore the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types, forget those quizzes from Mizz and Smash Hits you did in your pre-teen years to determine which Spice Girl you are, this is the real decider.

The new filter comes after a surging trend on Instagram Stories where users are enjoying finding out their Disney Doppelganger (so sorry if you got Quasimodo), which Harry Potter house they belong to and even what the future holds for 2020 (are you married, rich, hungry?).

"The GOOD news? Not a single answer is bad."

The Jacquemus version selects one of many of the brand’s iconic bags - so you could be Le Riviera, Le Panier and Le Chiquito, in a variety of the label’s signature bold hues. The good news? Not a single answer is bad. So it’s win-win all round.

In other Jacquemus happenings, this morning WWD announced that the label would become co-ed. Since introducing a menswear line in 2018, the brand had previously showcased two separate sex shows a year (four in total). Last summer it trialed a co-ed catwalk in Provence for the brand’s 10th anniversary - having found such success it will now present collections for both men and women in January and June, in hopes that more editors will be able to attend.

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