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And the campaign includes Frank Ocean with some very real rats


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Are you afraid of rats? Frank Ocean is. Or at least he appears to be in the new Marc Jacobs x Stray Rats campaign, which does, in fact, feature some rats. Of the five models that are in the campaign imagery, Ocean appears to be the only one not holding one of the little creatures. That was until our marvellous design prowess served up what the campaign COULD have looked like: Frank with a rodent on his shoulder. Sorry mate, but you can count your blessings that it's a fictitious little critter courtesy of the BURO. design team and not the real deal. 

As for the campaign itself, we know what you’re thinking: ‘But I was just getting over the Prada campaign, and now this?! It’s too much!’ The collection celebrates the Lunar New Year and Chinese New Year of the rat, but also nods to Marc Jacobs' diffusion line of the early noughties, Stinky Rat, which gained its name from the time Juergen Teller’s toddler daughter did in fact call him a ‘stinky rat’ in Jacobs’ presence.

The small capsule collection offers a hoodie, a T-shirt and three striped jumpers with a rat motif across the chest. Styled with a casual Cobain-esque aesthetic, the campaign was photographed by legendary photographer Collier Schorr, and also features Stray Rats’ founder Julian Consuegra as well as musician Rhylli Ogiura of Krimewatch. It is currently available in selected Marc Jacobs stores, as well as online at marcjacobs.com.

images | Collier Schorr 

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