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You Smell: The Fendi Frenesia scented baguette bag

You can now wear AND carry your scent on your wrist. Meet the world’s first fragranced Fendi bag


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The Fendi Baguette is the icon of iconic handbags. It earned this accolade by spawning over a thousand reworked versions of itself, but now? Now it has been constructed out of perfume-soaked yellow leather so you can - if you have £430 to hand for the Nano - invest in the future of fragrance. The Fendi Frenesia.

Maison Francis Kurkdijan is the parfumier partner of partners. Widely regarded as the master of perfume, Kurkdijan himself is responsible for some of your favourites, like Narciso Rodriguez For Her and John Paul Gaultier Le Male, as well as his own eponymous range of course - Baccarat Rouge 540 is a modern classic of epic proportions.

He created the fragrance - inspired by the bag, of course, and developed and patented the technique to infuse the leather with it, but what does it smell like?

You would imagine the bag itself lends the ultimate base note; leather. Just hedging, but the smell of a new handbag has been synthesised, bottled and used to create several amazing perfume products itself. (A tip, it you like to deeply inhale the inside of your new bag before you fill it with your stuff, try Cire Trudon Bruma).

"like smelling the nape of a loved one’s neck. This is not a scent that feels added, but a scent that is part of your being"


In fact, Kurkdijan’s scent has been designed to build on and enhance the leather of the bag. Apparently it talks to the supple aroma of the leather, but also evokes a brightness that represents the yellow house colour of Fendi. That’s vanilla bean and a touch of May Rose in ‘note’ language.

Kurkdijan describes it as “like smelling the nape of a loved one’s neck. This is not a scent that feels added, but a scent that is part of your being.”

And it lasts, but skipping the top notes part of the perfume pyramid (the bit that you smell first, but also that dries away first). By concentrating on the mid and base notes, the scent promises to last for three years. Plus you get a bottle to top it up.

Necessary or not, this concept is progressive, fantastical and everything you’d expect from as dynamic a duo as Fendi and Francis. No one can argue this bag is anything but multi-functional, multi-purpose, multi-sensory; definitely a unique way to justify the purchase. Definitively, right?

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