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Fashion.Hype: Dior Debuts Shawn Stüssy and Air Jordan Collaborations

Shawn Stüssy and Kim Jones have had a love child, and this is what it looks like.


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If like me you were obsessed with Lords of Dogtown as a teenager, and always wondered what Heath Ledger’s surfer-boy character would look like walking down the aisle on your imaginary wedding day, look to last night’s Dior show and you’ll get an idea. In a millennial world obsessed with fashion hype, Dior working with Shawn Stüssy is collaboration gold.


Taking place at Art Basel Miami, Kim Jones took Shawn Stüssy out of retirement for the pre-fall 2020 Dior menswear collection, fusing California streetwear with French high fashion. The collaboration, according to Dior, was to ‘merge American and French identities, a fertile breeding ground for inspiration and clashes of culture.’ Miami’s Art Deco architecture played a major influence with the colour palette, a psychedelic rainbow wave of hues that touch on your typical notion of tie-dye. Surfers met sartorialists, as bucket hats, Hawaiian shirts and Dior’s Saddle bum bag were all worn with Jones’ classic tailored two pieces.

Still going loco for logos, monogramming with floral motifs emblazoned accessories, T-shirts and knitwear. And then there was the footwear: answering the prayers of the streetwear-obsessed, Jones presented the Dior Air Jordans. Jones worked with Nike to create the iconic High OG model - a single style in white and grey with a Dior logo-adorned tick, which was previewed prior to the show by Travis Scott via Instagram.

The show epitomised the melting pot of high and low fashion, where current trends seem to lie. Both Stüssy and Jones said via a slogan T-shirt; ‘I want to shock the world with Dior’. (Bucket) hats off to you lads, you succeeded.

Image | shutterstock and unsplash

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