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The cult illustrator has collaborated with fashion brand Coach on a collection that resembles something close to pure happiness


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Wish life could be all rainbows and unicorns? Well, it can’t be. But things may be changing when it comes to leather goods - at least if Coach has anything to do with it. Presumably wanting only the best for humanity, the American brand has collaborated with illustrator Toby Triumph to produce new motifs for their Horse and Carriage collection, that - you heard it here first - make this collection as wantable as Stuart Vevers’ Rexy the Dinosaur.

This is - literally - all rainbows and unicorns, with a few hearts and rockets for good measure. After all, you might be the sort of person who refuses to put up with the rain to get the rainbow. Or you might wholly associate ‘unicorns’ with dating apps rather than mythical creatures denigrated to onesie status. Either way, no matter how jaded you are, this is a collaboration that resembles something close to pure happiness - and if you don’t need a tote bag then you can just get a wallet (or a card holder or a camera case or a pouch).

"Brie Larsson wore my Unicorn bag yesterday, so now it's officially cool!"


But what does the artist himself make of it all? “The longevity of the journey I have been on with Stuart and the various manifestations that our creative collaborations have taken over the last 18 months (from street art, to murals to product) are what I think have made the end product collaboration so strong.” And we wholeheartedly agree. But who is this guy and why is he painting smiles on our faces?


British artist Toby had previously worked with Coach on creating illustrations alongside various graffiti artists in New York City for an outdoor project, but that was more of a brownstones and serpents affair. We asked him directly what a journey to mega fashion collaboration looks like.

"In 2018 I worked as one of the artists on a street art campaign that was wheat pasted across New York City and at the start of 2019 I did a series of large typographic murals in collaboration with Coach and The Dream Foundation alongside Michael B Jordan, where I created inspirational murals at his old school in New Jersey. Michael came to see them being revealed and it all appeared on Good Morning America which blew my mind!"

"Stuart Vevers had seen some of my stripped back art works in my portfolio and asked me to create a selection of illustrations that were fun and poppy, to be used across various Coach merchandise. I went about creating 20 illustrations that felt positive, energetic and ultimately, POP. Coach then whittled down to 5 that have been used on bags, scarves, purses, key rings and lots more. Oscar winner Brie Larsson wore my Unicorn bag yesterday, so now it's officially cool!"

“I’ve been getting messages from friends from Manchester in the UK, to New Hampshire and 5th Ave in the US to say they’ve seen it in store and in the 5th Ave shop windows - the sales assistant on 5th Ave told a friend half the inventory had already sold out which I should say is 100% unconfirmed! But it would be the best culmination of a dream collaboration if it turns out to be true!"

It's an amazingly serotonin-boosting collection that provides a perfect antidote to the somewhat murky world happenings recently. It's joy-wear at its best.


Scroll down for never-before-seen initial illustrations of the collaboration - don’t say we don't treat you right.



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