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Amazon Launches High-End Shopping Experience

Starting with Oscar de la Renta, you'll now be able to shop for big-name brands via the Amazon app


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It's official: there's a new player in the luxury e-commerce game. After months of speculation, this week Amazon launched Luxury Stores, an invitation-only, super high-end shopping experience available on the mobile app. For the moment, Oscar de la Renta is the only brand available on the platform (there is ready-to-wear, handbags, jewellery and even a new perfume from the American fashion house), but Amazon promises that in weeks to come, the selection will be much bigger.


“We are always listening to and learning from our customers, and we are inspired by feedback from Prime members who want the ability to shop their favorite luxury brands in Amazon’s store,” said Christine Beauchamp, President of Amazon Fashion, who tells me that in the past year alone, customers ordered more than one billion fashion items on Amazon’s app. “We are excited to offer luxury brands the services and technology to build an inspiring, elevated customer experience. It’s still day one, and we look forward to growing Luxury Stores, innovating on behalf of our customers and opening a new door for designers all over the world to access existing and new luxury customers.”

So how does Luxury Stores work? It's a shop-in-shop experience, meaning that brands will control their own stock, selection and prices. There won't be Amazon's classic customer reviews, either - each brand will handle customer service individually. Meanwhile, Amazon will give the brands access to the platform and its best technologies (for example, its staple interactive “View in 360” feature, where customers can look at an item from all possible angles and try it on on different body types and skin tones) and merchandising tools. Oscar de la Renta has, together with Amazon, developed a video starring Cara Delevingne, directed by Bunny Kinney from i-D magazine and styled by celebrity stylist Jason Bolden. All in all, it's a little bit like shopping in a luxury, digital department store: all the brands you know and love, accessible together in one online marketplace.

If you're a Prime member, check your mailbox for a personalised invitation. If you haven't got the call up yet, try requesting access with this link..

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