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We all know we should be living more sustainably. From what we eat to how we travel, everything we do now will impact the future of our planet. What’s perhaps most urgent, however, is where we shop. Responsible for about 10% of carbon emissions – and 20% of wastewater – worldwide, the fashion industry causes more pollution than shipping and aviation combined. Many brands now are keen to showcase just how sustainable they are, but under proper examination a lot of this tends to be greenwashing – and anything that’s not isn’t exactly affordable. This is precisely where Aligne steps in.

Launched only last week and founded by retail veteran Dalbir Bains, Aligne is a womenswear brand that aims to be as accessible as it is sustainable. Sitting alongside the likes of Arket and COS in terms of pricing, the first collection offers 60 pieces ranging from £32 to £180. Despite the brand’s newness, Aligne is actually a project that Dalbir has been perfecting for several years. During this time, she was constantly challenging the vast array of suppliers on her roster to work with more innovation so that they could join her on this mission.

So was the mission successful? Are these clothes we’d be happy to welcome into our wardrobes that don’t sacrifice affordability for sustainability and vice versa? Yes – and we’ve got a particular penchant for the knitwear. Take the Athena cashmere-blend turtleneck, for example. Sure, you might confuse it for a typical turtleneck that you certainly don’t need another of, but this one is cropped without being too cropped and therefore universally flattering. It’s also got fabulous balloon sleeves that will make you look both very nonchalant and very fashion – a hard balance to strike if ever there was one. And the colours? There are five of them, but our favourite’s classic camel.


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