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“The products of the collection feature a design that differs with irony from traditional canons, igniting imagination”


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It’s official: fashionable homeware is the new status symbol. Of course, how you choose to decorate your sanctuary is entirely dependent on individual tastes. One person’s scandi minimalism is someone else’s too bare. For those who definitely do not err on the side of caution when it comes to pops of colour in the home improvement department, may we present Marni’s new capsule Marni Market Goes Around collection, a selection of kitschy-cool furnishing accessories, design objects and handmade bags.

“These objects bring the playful soul of Marni to the stage through unpredictable shapes and materials,” according to the brand. “The products of the collection feature a design that differs with irony from traditional canons, igniting imagination.”


This season, the collection – which has been in rotation since 2015 - boasts a whole selection of unconventional colourful objects for every room: fruit holders and cake stands for your kitchen. Crochet carpets and woven baskets for your bathroom. Pillows and flowerpots for your bedroom. Magazine racks to put alongside your sofa. Oval trays and stools/coffee tables to stylishly serve drinks to your guests in your living room (one day!).


As is signature, the collection also features a range of handmade bags, to suit every arm candy choice, from bucket bags (that also, handily, double up as plant pots, too) to striped canvas shopping bags. For more nostalgic whimsy, see Wolly: retro-inspired crochet frame bags. Other options include Hammock bags with hammock-like handles, cotton ‘Boat’ bags and nylon/cotton shopping bags with punchy floral and graphic prints from the brand’s archives. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and hand-crafted by Colombian artisans.

Marni Market Goes Around capsule collection, with prices ranging from £60 to £240, is available here

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