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Fed up of everything in your four walls? This fashion approved homeware collab can help


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Think DVF and wrap dresses spring to mind. In loud, peacock-y prints, her personality shines through. A standard-bearer of the fashion industry, it was only a matter of time before she dipped her toe into interiors (requiring the same exacting and exquisite eye for design, it is by now, a common segue). And who better than to do it with than H&M, the undisputed champion of collaborations. And to complete this sequence of sense, what better time to do it, when everyone has been itchy and apathetic towards just about everything within their four walls.

“The only rule for home decoration is for the decor to reflect who you are — and for you to be incredibly comfortable in it,” says Diane von Furstenberg, the fashion icon made herself a name in the 1970s, inspiring women to be in charge of their lives and empowering them to dress to impress and feel comfortable doing so. “My secret wish for the collection is that one of the pieces will hide in the intimacy of your life and your home,” she continues. “And when you look at it, it will wink at you — and you will think of me.”



What to expect? The collection includes 31 pieces, ranging from vases, posters that instruct you to "Own It" (the name of the DVF’s new bestseller on how to succeed in life), scented candles (she loves woody notes, so the four options include amber, pine, sandalwood and cedar wood), stackable boxes, cushions and wool blankets. There are cute espresso cups and lacquered trays. All with loud and tastefully lairy patterns - think Andy Warhol lips and zebra and leopard motifs, and of course, the signature graphic Diane motif. “The prints in the H&M home collaboration are very iconic. The ‘Diane’ print I created 20 years ago when I started the company, while the lips print comes from the painting Andy Warhol did of me,” explains Diane von Furstenberg. “Personally, I love animal prints – zebra is very DVF – and also vibrant orange and pinks, but monochrome black and white is very chic, too. The whole collection is fabulous, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”


The collection, with prices ranging from £19.99 - £149.99, will launch globally on April 16.

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