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You might have noticed that gingham is back. Ha ha, of course you’ve noticed gingham is back. If we’re going to be technical about it, gingham actually returned in 2016, with an aggressive and voguish vengeance, but it’s been ripe for resurgence ever since. The only difference this time around, is that we’re not grappling with it having transcended tablecloths and school uniforms, but working out how to insert as much of it as possible into our wardrobes and homes. 

The now-classic print shows no sign of abating, imprinted on a limitless number of items, from bralettes to butter dishes and every bath mat in between. With nostalgic homespun charm, it’s visual shorthand for a simpler, more wholesome moment in time.

Clothes might not be anything new; every noughties teen had at least three pairs of gingham pedal pushers, but in interiors, the cotton check is excitingly nascent. For the design-adherent, who’ve been preoccupied with block colours and boucle, anyway. Take edit58 x Salvesen Graham’s cushions (from £75) for example, with their peppy colours and contrasting frilly trims. In the best possible way, they’re like something your grandma might have made – a welcome rejection of monotonous minimalism. Beata Heuman, a designer who inadvertently draws up the mood board for the season, recently debuted her chunky take on gingham, which riffs off an 18-century Swedish version. Similarly stocky, are the upholstered pieces from Ceraudo, of which the ottoman has proven an increasingly popular perch. 

And in terms of clothing, well, you no longer have to worry that should you wear a gingham dress, someone might hold a picnic on your person. Although it’s known to shroud its wearer in wholesomeness, and alludes to prairie girls running through tall grass, back to their homesteads to churn butter, there are now pieces that give the pattern some welcome oomph. Like skirts with zips to the thigh and tops that showcase bare backs and shoulders. That’s not to say that anything with a low hem or a high neck is out, only that gingham has more mass appeal than ever.

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