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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest one of all?


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Pray tell, what else is there to do in times like these apart from gaze at our own reflections? Plenty, yes. But what else is there to do that provides as much agony and ecstasy? Sweet nothing. With this in mind, it might be time to invest in a proper mirror. Narcissism aside, having mirrors in your home is a wise idea. They make rooms feel brighter, more spacious – better, really. But our favourites are statement wall mirrors.

Our homes are abound with reflective surfaces that might be described as unorthodox. Windows as we stare out of them into the abyss. Screens when they turn black. Maybe even the back of a spoon at a push, or a bathroom fitting that’s recently been cleaned with Viakal. While the aforementioned tend to be used via an accident of fate, statement wall mirrors beg to be used with conviction. That’s what they’re literally for, after all.

So what makes a decent statement wall mirror? Well, it has to be mountable for a start. And it has to make some sort of statement. The biggest statement that could be made when it comes to them probably looks something like House of Hackney’s Serpentis mirror, but it doesn’t have to be that big: Anthropologie’s Foglia mirror also exists if you’d prefer something slightly subtler. But something round and yellow is a statement. As is something asymmetrical. Or something rattan. And something round with a strap. We draw the line at minimal rectangles, however.

Ultimately, the best statement mirrors are desirable objects in themselves – regardless of whether or not you fancy looking into them. And maybe you won’t as lockdown rolls on and yet another activity done within it becomes intolerable, but that’s a different issue. Now, does anyone want some banana bread?

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