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Interior Motive: Plant Pots

We're afraid that brown plastic thing just isn't going to cut it


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As Tier 4 trickles into January, you may be coming to terms with the fact that 2021 is not necessarily going to be ‘your year’. But, if these indoor plant pots are anything to go by, it might be your houseplants’ year.

Houseplants are wonderful things. They reduce stress, improve productivity and generally – should you manage to keep them alive – convey the notion that you’re somewhat ‘together’, regardless of whether this is actually true or not. But the flimsy plastic pots they come in? Those are an aesthetic disappointment.

Since spending more time at home has enabled us to take better care of our houseplants than ever before, it’s only right that they should be housed in suitably attractive accommodation. Just as beautiful jewellery deserves a jewellery box, luscious houseplants deserve nice indoor plant pots. Even if you’re a plastic plant pot purist who enjoys their surfaces being strewn with soil, we’re sure there will be one – somewhere – to tempt you. Besides, the right one could become a decorative feature in itself. Maybe it would even overshadow its houseplant. What a thought! That said, we wouldn’t want an assortment of deceased houseplants on our conscience that had only died because their owners neglected them as soon as a fancy indoor plant pot entered the room – although we doubt that would actually happen. But it does pay to be cautious.

Peculiar paranoia aside, the hardest element of bringing an indoor plant pot into your home is deciding which one to purchase in the first place. If you want to utilise the abundance of space that tends to be found on walls and ceilings, you might find solace with a hanging pot (we especially like the one from Oliver Bonas below). If you’d prefer to place your houseplant on a desk or on the floor, God help you – there really are too many good ones to choose from in that instance.

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