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Remember when Nigella declared Aperol dead? Well, this is everything you should be drinking instead


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As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, our thoughts have turned to the cans and bottles we’ll be cracking open to celebrate. Whether you’ll be spending your summer meeting much- missed mates in the park, or catching up with friends over an al fresco dinner party, our pick of the best new summer drinks will see you through nicely. From soft-drinks that rank a cut above your usual corner shop purchases to natural wines delivered by the case, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is remember to fill up the ice trays…




Anyone planning a right-royal knees up this summer (restrictions permitting, obvs) should give thanks for LuvJus, a nifty brand that takes the stress out of making proper cocktails, but still delivers on fun, taste and style. Housed in bright cans, these ‘craft pops’ stay cold for longer and taste bang on: our personal favourite is the pineapple and mint spiked with vodka, which practically demands a summer evening out. Best of all, a proportion of LuvJus’ profits goes to supporting LGBTQ+ charities and initiatives, so you’ll be doing good while feeling great (though we can take no responsibility for your hangover the next day…)

Check them out here.


Who: The wine connoisseur

What: Oranj


If you’re never without an interesting bottle on your kitchen table, sign up immediately to Oranj, a new delivery service born in lockdown. Their monthly deliveries, curated by sommeliers like Noble Rot’s Holly Willcocks and Brawn’s Patrick Campbell, all contain tip-top natural tipples made with as little intervention as possible, using no pesticides or chemicals (which, surely, justifies at least one extra glass). What’s more, every Oranj delivery is matched with an artist and a musician, so you’ll get a limited-edition print or poster (think Laura Callaghan, Rachel Bungey and Will Creswick) plus a DJ-approved playlist to accompany your evening drink.

Check them out here.

Who: The gin and tonic fiend

What: Regal Rogue


Most of us don’t give vermouth nearly enough credit as an excellent aperitif in its own right. Rather than just an ingredient in your negroni or martini, vermouth makes a brilliant base for a simple, mixed drink. It’s especially good for those who love a gin and tonic, but would rather switch to something lighter. Intrigued? Meet Australian brand Regal Rogue, which boasts four types of vermouth, all handcrafted and 100% organic. Try the aromatic and spicy Bold Red mixed with ginger beer and a slice of orange, or the Daring Dry with tonic water and an olive for a slightly salty, savoury long drink.

Check them out here.

Who: The cocktail addict

What: Lockdown Liquor & Co


Let’s face it: when the urge for a cocktail calls, you want to answer it straight away. Which is where Lockdown Liquor & Co comes in, with pre-mixed drinks that taste just like ones you’d get at the best bars. Our favourites include the richly flavoured Espresso Martini, the hot and spicy Picante and the Tucci, a twist on the classic Negroni named after Stanley, the cocktail legend himself. Best of all, you can even buy fantastically chic glassware through the site, making this an actual one-stop-shop.

Check them out here.

Who: The designated driver

What: Punchy


The non-alcoholic drinks market has exploded in recent years to venture beyond the previously unadventurous option of a Diet Coke or tap water. Punchy, however, has taken the genre to a whole new level with their beautifully designed, canned soft drinks that cover a myriad of complex flavours. The three options – peach, ginger and chai; cucumber, yuzu and rosemary; blood orange, bitters and cardamom – are all made using natural ingredients and are low calorie, vegan, low sugar and plastic and gluten free. What more could you ask for? For those wondering, they also make fantastic mixers, if you do feel like spiking them with something stronger.

Check them out here.

Who: The summer enthusiast

What: Black Cow + English Strawberries


Do you have a list as long as your arm of barbecues planned from now until September? Absolutely no intention of spending a single minute not enjoying all a Great British Summer has to offer? Then consider Black Cow’s strawberry flavoured vodka your new favourite drink. Infused naturally over four days with locally sourced, leftover or misshapen fruit from good ol’ Blighty, this honeyed and slightly floral number will elevate your standard vodka tonic no end. Particularly recommended alongside a large bowl of strawberries and cream. Pray for sunshine and you’ll be all set.

Check them out here.

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