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Yes, according to Kristen Stewart telling her friends to take the wheel. BURO. explores a different way to heal our burnout generation


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Hugging therapy, rebound yoga, crystal healing, the exhaustive list of extra effort to achieve zen is increasing with another mindful trend making waves: art therapy. In a recent interview, Kristen Stewart offered Shia LeBeouf some advice on how to deal with the inevitable quarter-life crisis. "I think I'm deeply dissatisfied in life," LaBeouf told Stewart, explaining that when he's not on set, he doesn't really feel like himself. “That’s usually when things go awry for me.” K-Stew’s prescription? Take a pottery class.

Which begs the question - could spending an hour or two handling some clay really be as beneficial for your mind and body as, say, a Pilates class? Apparently so. In an age where we work hard, play harder and commute longer, two hours to simply sit down and make something could just be what you need to feel more centred. And yes, maybe recreate that seen in Ghost for good measure.

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“Throwing pots gives me the time to clear my headspace”


Ex-magazine editor Katie Chan took up pottery to balance out her hectic schedule. 'Throwing pots gives me the time to clear my headspace,” she says. “I'm not relaxed enough to meditate so getting to grips with a giant piece of clay makes me feel like I'm in control of something. It's productive and calming at the same time.”

One BURO. source, a graphic designer who recently started going to a pottery class at Hackney City Farm (an oasis of calm in itself) tells us she enjoys the child-like approach and tactile-nature of ceramic-making. “I’m enjoying creating something in a very playful way,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if the bowl is not perfect - it’s not really the point - and most of us are beginners anyway. It’s also a fun activity with friends during the week which doesn’t involve going to our local pub.”

Time to take to the wheel?


BURO.’s guide to the best pottery and ceramics classes in London.

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