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A deepening furrow between your brows? A dull ache in your lower back? An inability to function without losing your rag? All three? Yes, you’re overdoing it and by the time December is done, you’ll have well and truly overdone it. Whether you’re feeling emotionally flat, or physically flawed, it’s time to take stock and regroup. From the futuristic to the cosseting, these are the best restorative breaks right now.


THE DEEP CLEAN: ​Hotel Post Bezau, Bregenz, Austria

Photo courtesy of HOTEL POST BEZAU

Feeling a little, erm, pudgy? IBS playing up? Get to Hotel Post Bezau, pronto. Perched in the serene Bregenz forest, the Alpine air is a tonic in itself, but it’s the week-long Detox Retreat that really delivers. Following a thorough expert-led once-over, there are herbal wraps to kick stagnant livers into action, lymphatic drainage to expel toxins, medicinal soaks, reflexology, and exfoliating rub-downs. Between treatments, the fragrant, timber-clad bath house beckons; sweat out your excesses in the sauna or do a few lazy lengths in the saltwater pool. Then, it’s onto a nutrition lecture (more riveting than they sound, honest) or back to your suite for some shut-eye. You’ll check out bright-eyed and buoyant, with heaps more understanding about your insides.

The Detox Retreat begins at £1240 for 7 nights


THE LIFE FIXER: ​Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Photo courtesy of kamalaya

In a dense swathe of jungle on Koh Samui’s southern tip lies Kamalaya, a sun-washed haven for self-discovery with profoundly intuitive practitioners and a lot of soul. Including Chi Nei Tsang (a powerful form of bodywork that targets the organs and their associated emotions) and Shirodhara (a mind-mellowing Ayurvedic treatment), therapies here delve deep and usher in a fresh perspective. Stays here are intense and, in some cases, life-changing. There may be tears (and lots of them) but to feel any more nurtured, you’d have to return to the womb.

The five-night Embracing Change retreat at Kamalaya begins at approx £2842 per person 



THE BOUNDARY PUSHER: ​Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula, Iceland

Photo courtesy of DEPLAR FARM

Surrounded by snowy peaks in the Fljót Valley, Deplar Farm is an impeccably turned-out refuge. Made for adventure and soul seekers alike, its wellness concept Eleven Life is second to none. Led by an assembly of Viking-like trainers, activities include snowmobile racing, axe-throwing and cross-country skiing - all enjoyed in otherworldly winterscapes. Then it’s back to base for gong sessions and acquainting yourself with a space-age floatation pod.

rates for Eleven Life start from £1,750 per room per night, full board (based on two people sharing)


​THE SPIRIT RESTORER: ​Shou Sugi Ban House, The Hamptons, USA

Photo courtesy of SHOU SUGI BAN HOUSE

Pebbled pathways and fountains give this Long Island escape an unmistakably Japanese feel, and your instincts would be correct. Days start with tea ceremonies before moving into breathwork, sound healing, Yin yoga and barefoot walks along the beach - it’s all very wholesome. Itineraries are decidedly fluid, so you’re more than welcome to forgo, say, your 1pm hydrotherapy session in favour of a fireside nap.

The Signature Reset at Shou Sugi Ban House begins at £1205 per person per night


THE FULL PHYSICAL: ​Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence at Bürgenstock Resort​, Switzerland

Photo courtesy of Bürgenstock Resort

Waldhotel’s verdant surrounds are showstopping, but it’s the high-tech approach to healing inside, that really sets this medi marvel apart. Whether you’re fatigued or determined to address a niggling ache, exhaustive tests run the gamut from abdominal ultrasounds and pulmonary function checks, to derm-driven skin screenings. A crack team of world-renowned specialists will then not only ensure short term health gain, but also work with you on long-term results, so you maintain optimum health long after you’ve arrived home.

The three-night Waldhotel Check Up at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence begins at approx £3422  

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