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Think outside the butt-shaped box


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It's official. We're obsessed with vases. Anissa Kermiche's specifically. You know the ones - they're shaped like bums and they guarantee three-figure like counts on Instagram. Influencers may have their niches, whether it’s that they wear gym leggings with Chanel blazers, or that their squares appear exclusively in coffee or biscuity tones, but there’s one thing that unites them all. Positioned proudly in the background of their pictures, or just out of shot, is a bum vase. So sound the unpopular opinion klaxon, because - in my humble opinion - we have reached peak bum vase. I actually think we've reached peak anything consumerist that ‘celebrates’ the ‘female form’, but that’s another matter for another day.

So what to do if, like me, you’ve already got one (or two) already? Continue to enjoy its beauty and svelte-ness with the same fervour that you once did, of course. But if you don’t? Well… don’t, because there are so many stellar vases out there. Life, I promise, exists beyond the ones with arses and tits. There are ones with angles and straight lines. Others with tall necks and short necks, painterly stripes, patterns and colour. Some are made of plastic while others are made of glass. There are those of the bud variety, that house single stems and others that display whole meadows. Some look like leopards while others are shaped like shells. The configurations are endless; there’s a whole Rubik’s cube of vase-shaped opportunity out there, people! 

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