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The Political Pumpkin: How Brexit is breaking the internet

Halloween signals a growing social phenomenon of competitive costume making and the most pinnable pumpkins. This year British politics are, ahem, carving their own niche.


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The Brexit ‘flextension’ of Jan 2020 has freed up Halloween in our social diaries. Our exit from the EU is no longer crowding our beloved 31st October date with its own frightening connotations, (how inconsiderate to steal the spotlight from such a prolific pagan holiday). But, then, credit where credit’s due, Boris and co. are forming something of a cult inspiration to our young nation. In a pumpkin carving capacity, you understand.

Maybe you create a display pumpkin to indicate your house is open to trick or treaters (that’s the code by the way). Or specifically to post to - and blow up - your social feed. Or even just to hollow out and make pumpkin pie or soup, (add chilli). You can express your creativity via the medium of vegetable art.

According to a poll by Beano more than half of the families polled are taking inspiration from Brexit this halloween. So, in need of some creative costume ideas? Look no further than our parliamentary harbingers of impending national despair. But before you hunt down a foppish blonde wig and an oversized suit, sharpen your pumpkin carving tools, there’s a new sheriff in town.



Spell It Out

Simply does it, the ‘BREXIT’ pumpkin is the next ‘THE WIFI IS DOWN’ pumpkin. Which incidentally remains a great contender every year.


The Politician

The ‘Westmonsters’ pumpkin carving kit is a free downloadable PDF template from Groupon so you can carve your own prominent politicians. Adorn your doorstep with Boo!ris Johnson, Scaremy Corby, Jo Grimson, Nigel Fear-age or John Bercow, Spooker of the House.

Fly The Flag

Show some love and support with an EU flag pumpkin to symbolise our identity and unity this All Hallows’ Eve. While we still have it, at least.





The Politician

Various iterations of this iconic pumpkin have popped up, so much so that iit has earned its own hybrid moniker. All are equally hilarious and the skin colour match is immaculate.

Yayoi Kusama

Cannot compile a pumpkin inspiration post without including this artistry OG


Take a different view. Create the most beautiful stargazing work that you’ll want to preserve and keep for christmas.



ARGH! The scariest prospect for Halloweeners everywhere


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