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If Michelle Obama is using IGTV, surely so should we?


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Michelle Obama’s new docu-series, A Year of Firsts, will follow four fresh-faced first year students facing the financial, academic and social stresses of university life. The series is a partnership between production company ATTN and Obama’s Reach Higher initiative - a programme that encourages young people to complete their education and own their future. But this documentary isn’t her first, just last year she and her husband (you know, Barack Obama?) released the award-winning American Factory on Netflix, an insightful exposé on a Chinese-owned Ohio factory.

From her sell-out book Becoming, to those Balenciaga thigh-high boots, Michelle Obama is a constant inspiration. So when we found out that A Year of Firsts is to be released on IGTV, we couldn't help but wonder: is social media the new streaming service?

Since extending its maximum video length from 15 seconds to 1 hour, IGTV is no longer just a forum for makeup tutorials and sneaker hype. Now publications such as National Geographic have regular video series - one of which, One Strange Rock, was presented by Will Smith. So kind of a big deal. Not only this, but media services such as The Daily Show and BBC utilise the tool to present news updates - finally, you can flick between Kylie Jenner selfies and world news all in one app.

Before we commend Instagram too much for carving the gap between streaming and social media, however, it’s important to note there’s other apps on the same page. YouTube, for example, is releasing its new Justin Bieber series, Justin Bieber: Seasons, on its YouTube Originals service later this month. It also has regular series such as The Age of A.I., Booktube and Virtually History that feature videos of varying lengths.

So now you’ll be popping into IG and YouTube for so much more than cute cat videos.

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