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Style, sex and success

Listen up! BURO. spotlights the female-led podcasts to download ASAP…to fit every personality.


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Me Time. Ah! That old thing. In today’s hyper-speed, always-on era, zoning out can seem near impossible. Enter: Podcasts. Meditative, mind-expanding and, most importantly, a way to fill the time scroll-free, during yet another delayed commute to work. In need of unwinding? From Netflix’s new chat show bringing you dynamic discussions with mega and breakout talent behind your favourite TV shows to a deep dive into the secrets of 20th-century Hollywood, check out BURO’s must-listen podcasts by women to download ASAP.

For new age self-improvement

If you’re all about: Re-watching seasons 1-3 of Friends, your bookshelf is 70% memoirs and you have a love-hate relationship with motivational Instagram captions.

You’ll love: How To Fail With Elizabeth Day.

BURO.’s verdict: Every week, journalist and author Elizabeth Day calls on a new interviewee to explore what their biggest failures have taught them - drawing on (some pretty painful) anecdotes from childhood to work life and past relationships. Personal favourites include Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge on imposter syndrome, female rage, fame and family…and the time she embarresed herself in front of Meryl Streep. As well as modern philosopher Alain de Botton’s lessons in love. Feels like a virtual hug post-listen.

Soundbites: “What’s the glory in failure? And I think fighting so hard to be so in love with someone, with all that passion in your 20s and teens and then throwing everything at it and there being so much pain, that is stuff that so much creativity comes out of.” - Phoebe Waller-Bridge

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The Internet Guide

If you find yourself: Lying about how much time you actually spend on social media.

You’ll love: Ctrl Alt Delete.

BURO.’s verdict: Writer, speaker and Sunday Times business columnist Emma Gannon chats with creatives and experts - past guests include Lena Dunham and filmmaker Ava DuVernay - to dissect how they deal with life online, careers and everything in between. Have a complicated relationship with the World Wide Web? Need to spark change in your life? This one’s for you.

Soundbites: “The happier I get personally, the less that I share.” - Emma Gannon


The one for fashionistas

If your favourite film is: The Devil Wears Prada.

You’ll love: Articles of Interest.

BURO.’s verdict: Fashion can get (undeservedly) trivialised. This riveting six-part series from host and producer Avery Trufelman - a spin-off of the highly successful design series 99% Invisible - explores the culture of clothing, from the gender politics of pockets to the rise of punk.

Soundbites: “Vivienne Westwood has shaped our world as much as someone like (inventor and futuristic) Buckminster Fuller – people who created certain design languages, subculture and mainstream culture that’s just immensely important. Especially since they are so easily discounted, and they’re very often women or queers or people of colour.” - Avery Trufelman.


Hollywood history 101

If your Instagram #TBT is filled with: Actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

You’ll love: You Must Remember This.

BURO.’s verdict: Veteran film editor Karina Longworth’s heavily-researched storytelling podcast unpacks the myths, scandals and secrets that shook 20th century Hollywood. Shocking and completely engrossing, the pod unearths stories from Marilyn Monroe’s sex scandal that made her a star to starlet Hedy Lamarr, whose pioneering (albeit overlooked) work as a radio technologies inventor during World War II helped create WiFi.

Soundbites: “The most Hollywood rumour was the one that held that Jean Harlow had died from long-term exposure to the chemicals she used, every Sunday, to get that platinum blonde hair. It’s easy to see why this one would appeal. People who love Hollywood, love stories about how the things Hollywood people do to become stars end up destroying them.” - Karina Longworth



Netflix and chill

Your YouTube history is mostly: Chat show clips, circa ’92.

You’ll love: Present Company with Krista Smith

BURO.’s verdict: Former Vanity Fair editor, Krista Smith, sits with megastars and rising talent from Mary J. Blige to Julia Garner for no filter chat discussing their life, films, fame, career and more. Netflix’s first podcast is like listening in on a magazine profile interview. Highly entertaining.

Soundbites: “I always wanted to play Nina Simone. Always. That’s on my bucket list.” - Mary J. Blige


Gen Z: Reality Bites

Your dinner chat: Often involves sparking cultural debates.

You’ll love: This Is Spoke

BURO. Verdict: Journalist and filmmaker Fenn O’Meally co-hosts this new youth culture-focused podcast, tackling topics for Gen Z listeners such as social media and sexuality to dating and money. Featuring guests including authors Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi, plus musicians Joy Crookes and Novelist.
Soundbites: “A big [social media] following, that isn’t enough.” - Fenn O’Meally



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