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Apple Airpods Pro is coming: SO WHAT'S THE FUSS?

Everything you need to know about the evolution of the game changing headphones you hate to love


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Thank goodness Apple are releasing AirPods Pro - set to outperform the last iteration with advanced features including noise cancellation and transparency mode - because the current ones can be somewhat problematic.

AirPods: The First Act

‘For fucks sake I’ve lost one of my AirPods again. If only someone would invent some kind of device that keeps my headphones securely tethered to my phone where I need them. Oh, wait...’

‘I’m not willing to compromise my individuality or credibility by buckling to the commercial nonsense of yet more white headphones because Apple wants to take all my money. And these ones make you look like a twa-.’
*unwraps Xmas gift* ‘OMG!’

‘What? Sorry what? I can’t hear you Cheryl, you’re mumbling again. What? Cheryl, enunciate ffs. Oh, um. Didn’t realise I still had these in...’

*double tap*
*double tap*
*Digs for phone in bottom of bag, presses pause manually, misses train announcement*

‘Sorry I dropped it dad. If it’s any consolation the airplane seat is the place single AirPods go to find other likeminded single AirPods to spend the rest of eternity with.’

‘So Carol, I’ve been thinking we need to really get to the bottom of this Milan situation, so what I’m suggesting is to take the development strategy we used in oh Christ you’re on the phone. Are you on the phone? I can’t tell, are you talking to someone?’

‘Man this train is packed, Right where was I? Oh yes, halfway through hilarious episode of My Dad Wrote A Porno. PLAY. Haha! but it’s so quiet. VOLUME. it’s still so quiet. VOLUME. OH MY GOD AIRPODS NOT CONNECTED.’

Before bed download new Kanye album.
On way to tube get excited about listening to new Kanye album.
Battle for seat, settle in, it’s finally time!...PRESS PLAY. AIRPOD BATTERY EXTREMELY LOoow-w-w.


Everything you need to know about AirPodPro compared to generation 2

Noise cancellation:

There’s a heap of technical detail on how Apple has created this functionality, but all you need to know the AirPods Pros remove background noise.

Transparent mode:

To still hear environmental noises around you, just switch to Transparency mode and continue to listen on your AirPods.

Customisable fit:

You’ll receive three different sizes of silicone tips with your AirPod Pros, to create a fit that feels more secure and comfortable.

The Ear Tip Test:

A little bit of Apple magic here - pop the AirPods in your ears, and it’ll run a clever little test that measures the sound level in your ear and within seconds will tell you whether to adjust for better sound.

Superior sound:

Apple promises a roster of features which together equate to high-quality sound.


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