AirPods, the famous wireless earpods, now have wires, kind of.
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AirPod carriers take wireless ear buds right back to headphones


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When they first launched in 2016, AirPods were widely ridiculed by tech experts and consumers alike. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Metropolitan Transport Agency were so exasperated with the amount littering the train tracks, they advised passengers not to wear them when entering and exiting the train.

And now, in an ironic twist, Nordstrom are selling AirPod carrying straps (albeit not Apple branded). Ah a strap to tether those two, totally losable little buds together, almost as it were, err, a headphone wire. AirPods are a real status symbol, and with Nordstrom’s carrying straps coming in at $60, is this is the next step in demonstrating the comfort of your bank balance (or anxiety at the thought of losing one on the commute)? What’s next? An actual cable that connects to your actual phone?

And for those who really, really value their AirPods, the standard-fit white Apple case simply won’t do. Despite precisely no-one watching where you retrieve your pods from, the case matters now too, apparently. Yes the best fashion houses have wrapped them leather and logos, and OF COURSE we want them. Do we even own AirPods? Not quite. Are they now on our Christmas lists? Absolutely, though we’ll skip on the carrying strap.

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