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The brainchild of Sarah Andelman, former creative director of the iconic Parisian concept store, Colette


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“Each book conveys how creators can transform a single idea, a single passion, into an endless exploration”

Colette, the chicest boutique store in Paris, which closed its doors after 20 years of business in 2017, was more than a bougie fashion spot. It was a hub of creativity and inspiration - famed for championing the next gen of design talent and long lauded the temple of cool.

Whatever happened to the founders, Colette Rousseaux and her daughter Sarah Andelman? You may wonder. While Colette retired, Sarah launched her own business, a creative consulting agency: Just An Idea. And with it, foraying into publishing with a series of books – there are only 300 copies of each one – dedicated to different creative pursuits. “All books contain ideas: picture ideas, poetic ideas, silly ideas, serious ideas, worldly ideas, personal ideas. Just An Idea Books exists to showcase creativity and to support people of all different backgrounds, expressing all different interests and artistic visions,” Andelman explains. “Each book conveys how creators can transform a single idea, a single passion, into an endless exploration.”

In one publication artist Sho Shibuya documents a series of sunrises, painted onto The New York Times frontpage, detailing the strangeness of 2020 with colours. Douglas Coupland showcases eye-catching slogans and aphorisms. Then, there is It florist of the moment in Paris, Louis-Géraud Castor, who seduced the fashion crowd with his seasonal flower arrangements - both Miuccia Prada and JW Anderson are among his fans. (“With each bouquet, the composition of flowers and their vessels shows his constant pursuit of a natural and material harmony.” Other talents include designer Nicole McLaughlin, famous for making clothes out of found objects (flip-flops from sushi trays or t-shirts from shopping bags). Pharrell Williams, has increased a forward: “she reconstructs everyday elements into familiar objects, reminding you to see everything in your orbit a little differently.” Sneaker collector and illustrator Eric Ng, who documents every pair of kicks in his closet as a miniature drawing. 
You can order the books (€50) online here.

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